Easy Way to Schedule Pins with ViralTag

In the article I created this time, I will give you all about what is ViralTag and what is the function of ViralTag itself. Surely some of you still do not understand how the work or Tools called ViralTags this right? Because ViralTools itself is still used approximately 50,000 thousand Users or users around the world. And therefore, this article is created so that you all can know and understand what a viral tag is. And no need to linger again let us consider together about what is ViralTag.

What is ViralTag ??

ViralTag is a tool created specifically for Visual Marketing Online that can help you to manage multiple sites and social media applications such as Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and especially for social media sites called Pinterest. And on this ViralTag you do not need to be confused to prepare the content or scheduling manually and very complicated.

Because in ViralTag it can do the preparation of content and scheduling automatically and of course with a very easy and not too complicated. And the functionality of ViralTag is not just to do scheduling and prepare content automatically only. ViralTag also serves to perform sharing activities in the form of images in some social media and the use of ViralTag is also very profitable because it can save your time and energy. ViralTag itself also has some very interesting features called “Ease of Use”.

This feature called Ease of Use can make it easy for you to create your own social media calendar editor and thoroughly (Bulk Editor). And that’s a glimpse of my own version of ViralTag. And this time we will switch the discussion about this ViralTag. And below is a follow-up discussion about ViralTag which discusses some of the advantages possessed by ViralTag.

Advantages of Using ViralTag

ViralTag certainly has some advantages when used as in this ViralTag, we can do some activities related to marketing and web like Posting, Scheduling, Getting some new Follower in a fairly easy way, Streaming Web Traffic, And Others. And of course some of these advantages are managed automatically. So you do not have to bother to do all those activities manually.

If you use this ViralTag within a period of about 5 months. Most likely you can get traffic and follower that can be practically quite a lot.

How to Link ViralTag with Pinterest

Well, if we had discussed about what is ViralTag and Advantages using ViralTag. This time I will give you information about how to connect ViralTag with one of the social media application that is Pinterest.
The first step to connect ViralTag with pinterest is you must have the pinterest account first. After creating the pinterest account, then register the account on ViralTag. And for those of you who confused how to register on ViralTag account, there will be provided some instructions to facilitate you to register and confirm registration via Email.

First Impression

How to Link ViralTag with Pinterest

Once you have finished registering and creating an account, just sign into the ViralTag account you just created. After that connect with the pinterest account that you created earlier.

Time Zone Setting

ViralTag Time Zone Setting

The purpose of making this time zone setting is to facilitate you in the process of scheduling an image to be posted on social media. Here you can also set the time zone not only in your country only. But you can also set this time zone to various countries around the world.

Install Browser AddOns

Install Browser AddOns

Advantages of installing the Extension from ViralTag, this add-on will greatly help you while searching for content, as well as allowing you to schedule and reshare images you want to share on Pinterest.

ViralTag Dashboard

ViralTag Dashboard

In this dashboard, we can optimize and create an existing menu, and make your work easier, simple and also completely automated. And below are some of the menu provided by ViralTag, among others:

  • Scheduling Pictures
  • Posting Images
  • and there is also a menu for popular Searching content.

And that’s a glimpse of the introduction of what ViralTag is. And hopefully with this article you can understand and can use this ViralTag well and no obstacles.

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