ViralTag, the Beloved Pinning Tool

Hello, this time I will discuss the name ViralTag. What is ViralTag? What is an Application? Therefore, I will directly explain in detail and specific as below.

ViralTag is precisely a tool to increase traffic high enough with scheduling media and is perfect for use in several Social Media, one of which is Pinterest. It is a sense of ViralTag literally or publicly. In addition, ViralTag is a place for online social marketing with some people, even users from ViralTag themselves are very much around the world, reaching 50,000 people. That is certainly a number that is not small. but here I will tell you how to use ViralTag is good and correct by using Pinterest.

Why Use ViralTag on Pinterest:

  1. It is a very effective scheduling tool in managing time (because time is more valuable than money)
  2. You can see a picture with a lot Pin through Social Media one of them Pinterest with accurate.
  3. You do not have to bother anymore to post a picture, because ViralTag works automatically

Of course there are many more reasons why you should use ViralTag on your Social Media account, especially users from Social Media named Pinterest. ViralTag will always work well and fully support when you want to schedule scheduling in posts and Pin an image on Pinterest, and ViralTag will work automatically and make you less tired to work on.

With all these things, will definitely make your Pinterest account to be not outdated, will always update with some new images that are popular. In addition, your Pinterest account will have traffic that will continue to climb until it is known and recognized by many people around the world, especially the loyal users of Pinterest.

After discussing it, I will discuss some of the dashboard display features that can be used for the Pinterest Social Media account. Without the need for more length, here are some examples of dashboard display features that you should know. “Lets Check This Out :)”


Can Find or Browse the Popular Content of the Image


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If you want to search for a content or image on the most popular Pinterest, you must be confused to look for the highest Pin if you have to sort them one by one. Relax, ViralTag has the solution, by simply entering a keyword, you can find some of the highest examples of images in search and you can use for an inspiration and reference in posting an image content.

Bookmarks and Bar Extensions

ViralTag chrome bar

Surely you are still confused by the usefulness of this feature. Features of Bookmarks and Bar Extensions can help you find some popular content and images with the keywords you provide and work automatically. So you can save and post directly without having to manually, because this feature works by itself according to your command.

Schedule (Post Scheduling)

viraltag schedulling

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It is one of the features that can help you without having to work for hours. Because the Post Schedule feature can help you in posting images and content automatically and scheduling a convincing. This is also an important feature in ViralTag, without this, your marketing on Pinterest will not run maximally

Repeatedly Post

And the last one is Post Repeatedly, what is Repeatedly Posting? Post Repeatedly is a feature to post a picture and your content with repeatedly and can be arranged in a month and up to several months later. Moreover without this feature there is no need to collect many pictures. Go with this link ViralTag 😀